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Variant Objektöl Plus farblos (60 % Festkörpergehalt) 1L=15qm pro Anstrich / 2,5 Liter

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  • Paketinhalt: Flasche(n) à 2.50 l
€ 26,95 / l
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Variant object oil Plus with high solids content for second order of Variant pre-oiled wooden floors, and the first treatment for Variant wooden floors with raw surfaces Suitable for: All stressed untreated wood floors and furniture surfaces indoors. For raw or leached softwoods and for all types of hardwood indoors. ! Also suitable for OSB boards and exotic application / processing: - surfaces should be clean, dry, free of grease, resin and dust - Floor Renovation: In stairs grind (60/80/100/120) - New installation: fine grinding ( 120) - Furniture surfaces fine to 180/240 sanding grind - After grinding, suck, do not wipe -. Application temperature at least 18 ° C, humidity 60% - moisture content max. 14% Massive or solid and veneered woods absorb the oil differently and color deviations may arise between them. Oil samples! Stir well before and during use, and shake. OBJECT OIL Plus MATT apply with floor lubricator and well then roll until it is distributed over the entire surface evenly and does not remain wet in puddles! Then evenly einpadden with a beige or white pad with polishing machine, excess oil with a spatula or rubber wiper pull more radicals having the waffle cloth pull polish). Care during the drying process for good ventilation. Repeat after 12 hrs. Operation. Need 1 piece pad for about 40 - 50 m², depending on the type of wood. Important: colored OBJECT OIL PLUS MATT the first job is to be sure eingepaddet evenly with a beige or white pad with polishing machine. Excess oil must be removed, so that no color nests arise. To avoid abrasion of pigments a final order with OBJECT OIL PLUS is always colorless required. This conclusion should order depending on the color and color intensity after 24-72 hours done.. It must be checked prior to the application, if the first coat of paint is sufficiently cured. Create sample surface, thus no partial dissolution of the first ink application occurs. This partial solution might have mottled surfaces result. A nachpadden with a white pad is only possible when the first ink applicator is sufficiently cured. The surface can be gently done after 24 hours.. Complete hardening after 8 - 10 days. Protect In this time against water. Consumption: 1 liter for approx 15 m² for the first coat. Depending on the wood type and surface. Care: dry sweep, then wipe damp. Enter into the water case of heavy soiling HOLZBODEN SOAP. To use aftercare CARE EMULSION and treat as needed with CARE OIL. Please note that worn or damaged areas, easy renovation without sanding. Packaging: 0.75 and 2.5 liter containers

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